Lady with Unicorn Cushions

Woven Tapestry Cushions finely woven by skilled weavers on Jacquard looms. Woven in France, these fine quality cushions are meticulously hand-finished with a luxurious British Velvet backing.

William Morris Tapestry Cushions:- The traditional technique of weaving tapestries was revived in England in the last quarter of the 19th Century, many tapestries being produced by the firm of Morris & Co at Merton Abbey, Surrey. This revival of the ‘Decorative Arts’ style was influenced in part by the Medieval Tapestries of the 15th Century and the Aristolochia leaves of a later period.

Contemporary:-. a unique selection of woven tapestry cushions, combining a new and contemporary look with the timeless tradition of tapestry. Created for today’s interiors, this collection offers a wide choice of designs in a variety of styles and will bring rich texture and warmth to complement and enhance any surroundings.

Size 46 x 46cms