Fabric Catalogue

Woven tapestry fabrics using traditional Jacquard looms

Woven tapestry fabric; inspired from the past for to-days’ interiors.

  • Medieval. Rich and deep reds, golds and blues constitute a wonderful range of Medieval style fabrics in the Chateau Collection Range. Timeless designs inspired from a Heraldic past.
  • Coat of Arms. Coats of Arms were used in times gone buy to denote the rank, achievements and social standing of a family. These fabrics make excellent upholstery material.
  • Armorial. A beautiful collection of impressive chenille armorials. Lovely colours and texture are sure to add warmth to any interior.
  • Verdure. Verdure (foliage) tapestries were woven throughout the 17th and 18th Centuries, featuring wooded landscapes, reflecting the interest in botanical themes during this period. The Renaissance also influenced the ‘Aristolochia’ (or ‘large leaves’) style, depicting birds and animals amidst prolific foliage.
  • Country. Inspired by the great outdoors, this fabulous range of country fabrics is perfect for upholstering furniture
  • English Decorative including William Morris’ fabrics. These English Decorative fabric designs are from William Morris designs in classic English style and boast beautiful detail. William Morris was one of the most influential figures in the Victorian and Edwardian art world.