The Four Seasons Tapestry 2

This tapestry is after a design by J. B Oudry (1686-1755), inspired by the theme of the Four Seasons, a popular and recurring subject in tapestry weaving. Oudry was the Artist-Director of the Royal Tapestry Manufactory of Beauvais in France, and was appointed Inspector of The Royal Gobelins Manufactory in Paris in 1733, which produced tapestries for the Royal Court.

Oudry raised the quality of production at Beauvais to a pitch of excellence and popularity essential to the survival of a privately-owned but state-subsidized enterprise, catering for noble and wealthy patrons.

This rustic scene has a tranquil atmosphere, in which the spring season is depicted by two doves and a young lamb eating fresh shoots from a tree. Summer is represented by a reapers sickle, and a flock of sheep in a meadow. Autumn is symbolised by a rich basket of fruit and flowers, while in winter a spaniel encounters a cockerel, and ducks rise from a nearby lake.

This beautiful tapestry is woven on a jacquard loom by skilled weavers, keeping alive the centuries old tradition of tapestry manufacturing from generation to generation. This tapestry is fully lined incorporating a sleeve along the top for hanging with a Fleur de Lys hanging rod. Alternatively, this tapestry can be hung with a wooden batten which is a concealed method of hanging.

  • Tapestry type    Loom Woven
  • Woven in           France
  • Composition     95% cotton, 5% polyester
  • Dimension        158 x 410 cm (Four Seasons 1 and 2 )