Silkscreen Tapestries

This method of reproducing tapestries enables very authentic replicas to be created with a particularly ‘aged’ appearance. Each colour in the design is applied individually onto a woven fabric simulating the antique tapestry stitch, producing subtle shading effects which authentically resemble the original tapestries as they are today.

Silkscreen tapestries are reproductions of the original works hanging in places such as the Louvre, Chateaux in the Loire Valley and in private homes in Europe. These tapestries are high quality, with the emphasis on recreating the atmosphere and visual impact of the classic masterpieces. They have the ‘look’ and ‘visual’ texture of many original tapestries hanging in museums today.

Now you can see these works of art in palaces and museums throughout the world. Or you can own a piece of history and culture to savour and preserve for yourself. Here are history’s finest tapestries reproduced for you.

Each tapestry comes in different sizes as detailed in the enlargements. These works of art are the finest made in the world. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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