Retailers of Magnificent French
woven & Silkscreen Tapestries
using traditional Jacquard looms,
fully woven, numbered & signed
by master weavers


The Beauty of Tapestries
These tapestries have been hand picked as being the most beautiful and most artistic of all the tapestries made by French weavers. These tapestries are magnificent and are suitable for entrance halls, dinning areas, lounge rooms and other areas of your home where an object d'art can be appreciated.

The tapestries are either silk screen or woven. Silk Screen tapestries are reproductions of the original tapestries hanging in places such as the Louvres, Chateaux in the Loire Valley and in private homes in Europe. These tapestries are quality tapestries with the emphasis on recreating the atmosphere and visual impact of the classic masterpieces.

The woven tapestries are actual woven tapestries of the original tapestries with an emphasis to the Renaissance period.

Both types of tapestries are ideal investment and heirloom pieces, which are major talking points in any house or office. Due to the nature of tapestries, nobility and scholars throughout history have collected and preserved these works of art. Now you can see these works of art in palaces and museums throughout the world. Or you can own a piece of history and culture to savor and preserve for yourself. Here are 27 of history's finest tapestries reproduced for you. Each tapestry comes in different sizes as detailed in the enlargements. These tapestries are the finest made in the world. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


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